About Phoebe


Phoebe was born by emergency caesarean section early on the morning of the 9th of May 1986 (the year of the Chinese Tiger).

She was a beautiful, healthy, strong baby.

She was a wild child, and enjoyed the rich fantasy world of her own imagination. She was physically active as a young girl and loved natural spaces, wild places and especially the ocean.

She had an almost insatiable appetite for socialising. She was popular at school and loved her friends.

Phoebe was athletic and a fast runner. She played basketball  in a team with good friends. When someone fouled her, she would suddenly rise to a different level of play. She would become determined and speed with the ball from one end of the court to the other, almost unstoppable! At the end of such a game, parents of other players would ask “What got into Phoebe?” “Why doesn’t she play like that all the time?” It was because someone had done her a ‘wrong’.

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Phoebe started experimenting with drugs at quite a young age. She struggled with alcohol and used it to overcome her anxieties. She suffered from depression and was taking medication and seeking counselling to assist her.

Phoebe, as a young woman was extremely sensitive, caring and compassionate. She was artistically gifted and creative. Strong willed, and often quick tempered, she had a cheeky, playful sense of humour.

As well, she felt things deeply and at times was prone to melancholy. She had a fierce sense of justice.

Phoebe was loyal in many ways and if she was your friend, you could always  count on her to stand up for you. She was very protective of her family and loved her brothers. She, had a very special, close relationship with her Grandmother and confided in her often.

Phoebe had plans for her future and a desire to travel overseas to do aid work in India.