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  1. Was it her partner/ex partner because them two didn’t have the best of relationship so when she got away from it/him he got angry and said sorry put the tablets in her food and gave her a lot of alcohol then he dropped the glass and she picks it up and he hits he knocking her out and putting her into the shoot

  2. Has anyone ever looked at the concept of Phoebe’s climb? I had this thought that perhaps she either locked herself out of the apartment or after an argument Anthony locked her out. This would explain no shoes or keys and handbag. Then, affected by the stillnox, she could have come up with the idea to try to climb up the chute to get back up to her floor. Climbing into the compactus and not understanding fully how it worked she could then have been injured by the compactus blade. This would explain the lack of dirt on her clothing as she never even got into the chute. Also explains some of the injuries, or lack of injuries which would have been expected by the hard landing – if she never fell. Just a thought.

  3. Tom McDonald says:

    Start a crowdfund to lodge an appeal and you will have double or triple what you need from all your supporters in this country who want to see justice served for this precious soul robbed of her life.

  4. I have a real problem believing that 1 or 2 Stilnox tablets would cause such disorientation, even combined with alcohol. (And a BAC of 0.16 is not much, especially to someone tolerant of alcohol’s effects). My partner attempted suicide after consuming an entire box of Stilnox and a bottle and a half of whisky. He wasn’t a drug user and a weekend-only social drinker. But he survived the incident. On regaining consciousness two days later he suffered severe vomiting and later died – not because of the Stilnox or alcohol but because of the fatal electrolyte imbalance caused by repeated vomiting which resulted in renal failure. Had he been hospitalised at that point he may have been alive today. When he regained consciousness and couldn’t stop vomiting he walked down to the local GP clinic one block away to seek treatment.
    So I have grave doubts that 1 or 2 Stilnox combined with a modest amount of alcohol would result in such a catastrophic impairment of intellectual function.

  5. Jill Stewart says:

    To Phoebe’s beautiful family,

    I have just been listening to Phoebe’s Fall, and what a powerful story of a beautiful girl.

    My daughter is 25 and I cant imagine what I would do if this happened to her. My heart cries for your pain and so many unanswered questions.

    I would like to think she is in Peace and I hope one day justice prevails because after listening to the Podcast, it seems quite obvious what really happened to her.

    I am sending you an eternity of love and hugs and I hope one day you will find peace with some answers because someone must know something.

    You all sound such amazing people, and Phoebe’s friends also. Keep strong, with love, Jill

  6. I know of this case thru the book “Into the darkness” by Robin Bowles, so I’m assuming the facts are correct. One question that bothers me. Len Handsjuk spoke to Ant at 6.52 pm looking for Phoebe because she’d arranged for the three of them to go to dinner at the Golden Triangle. Whether Phoebe had discussed this with Ant or not before that time, he was aware of it at 6.52 pm. Why then only a few minutes later, with his missing girl-friend still missing, did he ring the same restaurant to order a takeaway meal for ONE?
    He knew Phoebe wanted out. “If I can’t have you, nobody can” has been the motivation of many murders in the past.
    I think Ant was controlling.His cancellation of dinner at the Rockmans was understandable (but pressurising Phoebe to attend because it was important to his friendship with Matt was controlling), but subsequent cancellation of several events planned a short time into the future smacks of punitive retaliation for that event, and is one of several behaviours that lead me to characterise him as manipulative.

    I feel Len has been harsh on the paramedics. Let us assume the injury that nearly severed Phoebe’s foot happened at 7 pm, around the time she was found, though it probably occurred some while before that. If the paramedics arrived at 7.27 pm, that is 27-30 minutes for blood to be pumping, unstaunched from a ruptured femoral artery, far greater than the 5-10 mins given by Dr Lynch, and Len’s medical training should concur with that. Any issue should be with the concierge. If she had been less hysterical (and she should have had at least basic first aid in her position) she might have been able to ascertain life and apply pressure while screaming for help, and to hang with forensic evidence.

  7. Andrea Whimpenny says:

    Dear family,
    I have just finished reading Robin’s book and felt compelled to express my support. I do believe the trruth will eventually be told.
    I have lived with a narcissistic man with attacment disorder for the last nine years and after finally learning the skills needed to leave him, I am now living a free and happy life (albeit always looking over my shoulder, these men never let go and they get very angry when you threaten to leave). He also controlled the alcohol intake but told everyone that I had the problem. He always needed to look like the caring partner. I lay beside him at night thinking suicide was the only way i would ever get away from him. When I did break away, he would bombard me with calls and texts with promises of marriage, holidays etc until i gave in and tried to make it work again.
    Pheobe’s story is one that so many women could relate to. And I am so sad she has gone.

  8. The nonsensical evidence and the plethora of flaws in the investigation are truly horrifying to me. Much of the evidence presented does not make sense, which means large portions of evidence surrounding her death have been omitted or are false. We have seen truths slowly emerging in the media, and I am confident the truth will be revealed, people can only stay silent for so long.

  9. I have been listening to the Age podcast ‘Phoebe’s Fall’. It’s frustrating, consuming and informative and I’m glad I decided to listen, difficult as that it is. But the love that you have as a family and the dignified way you have collectively handled the death of your child, sister and granddaughter is truly amazing. There are other families that want and need the same rights as you with regards to challenging Coronial findings. I would never say something glib like “it would mean Phoebe didn’t die in vain’ because of course her life was yet to be fulfilled. But these changes will have a significant impact on the wider community and perhaps that is rather your legacy than your beautiful child’s. I wish you peace.

  10. claire lavers says:

    Stilnox is the real cause behind this awful tragedy. There was another young aussie girl who died in a similar way after using stilnox. She sleepwalked of a cliff, near her home. I can not remember her name unfortunately. I would sue the makers of stilnox or the doctor who prescribed it.

    • this is not a COMMON side effect of Stilnox and people tend to just do daily tasks whilst being in a sleeping state. It would be unusual for a sleepwalking person to for example: break all the dishes and cups, trash the house, burgle the neighbours and steal a car. Unless he was a really angry car thief on an everyday basis.

      It is easy to want to find a blame. Recently they reported Chris Cornell (musician) died because he took 2 extra Ativan which was prescribed to him. I am prescribed this also and 2 more would not make me that out of it to decide to take my life. It ended up that there were track marks on him arms and he had hung himself.

      Meanwhile Ativan has it’s name dragged into it. Same with Stilnox and that is a little unfair considering that both goods having been passed through many phases of lab testing and clinical trials .Australia has very high standards and expectations, when in comes to the Therapeutic Goods Act and the Medical Board Australia. So these drugs are not ‘killer drugs’, if used correctly it can have beneficial effects.

      If used in a way that could leave a personable vulnerable to danger then stillbox should not have been what she was left with.

  11. Kylie A A says:

    The evidence suggests not murder or suicide but a third possibility that she was off her face and put herself down the chute without being sober enough to understand the consequences. I feel bad that this is affecting other people because the family won’t look at a third possibility – probably because it’s easier to be angry and looking for blame. I think it’s a shame people blindly support them in this without looking at the full picture as they won’t get closure.

  12. Dear Natalie and family,

    The judicial system has failed Phoebe and the people that truly care for her.

    Your families passion and integrity in bringing forward the truth is commendable.You are making a difference and fighting for a special person. who no longer has the ability to speak or defend themselves. Rulings are to be based on fact, not subjective opinions or speculation.

    There is no doubt that justice for Phoebe is very important, and the failings of the legal system should be corrected. People need to be held accountable for their actions regardless of their stature, or belief of importance to supersede another human being.

    The podcasts and the 60 Minutes stories are empowering Phoebes memory, and bringing power to the people to decide. This alone will provide a form of justice and awareness.

    Justice does not inevitably end in a court room, and the community can make their own educated decisions. Something must have happened to Phoebe in the apartment that led to her being discarded down the garbage chute out of her own will, impaired; or ability to protect herself.

    Photographs of the apartment demonstrate a scene. Phoebes pet dog on the rear balcony with a forlorn face and slumping of his body; speak a thousand words.

    Its now time to protect her memory and make a difference.

    I hope you get all the support to make this happen.

    Keep strong and determined.

  13. Victoria Horne says:

    I am devastated by Phoebe’s death. I cannot believe that there is no forensic evidence. If Phoebe had put herself in the chute, there would have been lots of fingerprints.

    The police should have tested the two glasses, the blood, everything possible. Why were her jeans like that?

    A botched operation by Victoria Police that puts shame on them.

    So tragic.

  14. This entire story has stunk from day one.
    Inept police work.
    Changing stories from the son of a supposedly respected Melbourne judge, and step-son of a currently sitting judge.
    The Coroner’s finding don’t measure up. Period.

    I truely hope justice prevails, and a certain two-bit entertainment promoter gets what should’ve come his way a long time ago.

  15. I’ve known her boyfriend since childhood. My observation is no proof of anything and should be discarded for this reason, but I saw him when he thought was unobserved in Elizabeth St, Melbourne, ducking into motorbike shops, not long after her death. Shifty and guilty looking – I was shocked by the impression and commented to others who knew him: when he’s not on guard, he’s acting like he was responsible.
    Maybe it can be put down to his own stress at that time but didn’t seem at all that way.

  16. Dear Natalie, i am so so sorry for the loss of your beloved daughter Phoebe…i did not know her but have followed this case since last December. i read a story tucked away on page 8 of the herald-sun, dec 2nd “judge’s child ducks drugs blot”…on reading the story you find the “child” is 49yo kristina hampel, pleads guilty to dealing cocaine, “magistrate franz holzer said hampel should have known better but took account of her early guilty plea and the embarrassment to her family. he put her on a 24-month community corrections order and ordered she do 200 hours community work”…..on reading this i was furious- i have received similar court outcome for growing pot for personal use……it seems a conflict of interest that Kristina can face a melb magistrates court when her step-mother is melb. county court judge……i did a name search on google and found the age newspaper article describing kristina “long career as a boutique drug dealer in South Yarra”, oh right, i guarantee you if kristina was from Frankston- 2 to 3 years prison…………searching a bit more about the hampel family i came across Phoebe’s story which bought me to tears..then i started thinking-hey antony, your in the entertainment industry-too busy with work, but have the contacts, so you set up your sister in worries if you get busted, our family can get away with anything……i agree with you Natalie -the thing to hold onto is KARMA, sometimes takes time but all evens out eventually….i have not given up on a real inquest- what can we all do to help?…write to local mp/law institute/police commissioner

  17. Victoria says:

    Keep fighting! The truth always comes to fruition.

  18. Dear Natalie, your family and friends,
    I wish you all the most immense amount of love and support – I am so sorry for your loss. I am touched by the incredible strength you have shown in the wake of such a terrible tragedy, and want to help you in any way that I can. Phoebe’s death has been both an intense personal loss, and one that impacts our community. If you decide that you wish to appeal to the Supreme Court, I know that your community would support you by any means possible, and would readily crowdfund your financial needs. I will be thinking of you all during this difficult time – and please let me know if there is anything at all I can do. xxxxxxx

  19. Dear Natalie, Lorne and your extended families.
    You have all done your best for Phoebe, we have our children and only want good for them, but unfortunately this does not always happen. I am so very sorry that there was not a better outcome today, You raised a beautiful daughter, and she will never be forgotten by all those who REALLY loved her for who she was. I wish I could just put my arms around you arms give you a big hug . Lyn B

  20. Hi Natalie,

    I really hope you are all well. Just wondering if you have any idea when the findings of the inquest will be released? I imagine this has been a long drawn out journey for your whole family and really hope you get some news soon.


    • Hi Claire,

      We’ve been informed by the Coroner’s Court that they are currently unable to give us a time frame, but that the Coroner will definitely not be handing down a finding this year.

  21. Dear Natalie, Lorne and Families,
    It is not fair that you are still waiting for some sort of closure on the life of your daughter it is the waiting that eats into us, so we hope that there will be some result and soon, We know that you have all done your best for Phoebe Always thinking of you. Lyn

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Thank you Lyn, for your post. We hope we will not have to wait too much longer. It’s been a long hard road, but we couldn’t have done it any other way. We will never stop fighting on her behalf.

  22. Hello,
    I have been thinking of your family in light of the recent case in Sydney . I cannot help but feel Phoebe has been denied her justice.I sincerely hope hers case is not forgotten. Will there be a chance to reopen the case ?
    I cannot imagine how you feel, but please k ow that there are many who hope and pray for peace of mind for your family and the truth comes out in due course.
    Thinking of Phoebe although I never knew her.
    Helen x

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Thank you Helen,
      we are grateful for your thoughts. The legal process continues but the case will shortly be with Coroner to make a finding. We do not know how long that will take. It is lovely to have so many people thinking of Phoebe. Her case will not be forgotten, as a family we hope that the truth will find it’s way to the surface eventually as it often seems to do. Justice is another matter, but I strongly believe in ‘natural’ justice. What goes around, comes around….
      Warm regards,

      Natalie (Phoebe’s mother)

  23. Do you have any idea when the findings from the inquest will be handed down? Thank you and thinking of you all.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Hi Claire,

      submissions from interested parties have just been lodged and a right of reply from us is open until the 2nd of April. Thereafter, the Coroner will take his time to consider all the evidence and some time after that, he will make his finding. We have not been given a time frame for this part of the process. Thank you for your enquiry. I’m sorry I have taken so long to reply to your message. Regards, Natalie (Phoebe’s mother)

  24. I would greatly appreciate your advice as to the date and time upon which the Inquest is due to resume in October, and your advice as to the number of further witnesses expected to give evidence. Many thanks in advance.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dear John,
      Today was the last day of the inquest. Yesterday we heard evidence from two final witnesses and today dealt with among other things, aspects of the brief where and order of ‘non publication’ was requested of some evidence. We have until the end of the month to make our final written submissions and at an undetermined date after that, the Coroner will hand down his finding. It has been a long and often painful time for us as a family and we appreciate you ongoing interest and support.
      With gratitude,
      Natalie Handsjuk

  25. I cannot find any report whatsoever in any media as to what occurred at the Inquest yesterday. Would it be possible to update your many readers ?

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Hi John, forgive me the tardy response to your question. We did update the press page with the most recent of articles relating to the inquest when it concluded in August. I hope you were able to view that. We have two or three more days to hear evidence of further witnesses in October and then we will have to wait for the Coroner to hand down his finding which I do not expect will happen until sometime next year. I want to thank you once again for your ongoing interest in the investigation. As you would probably appreciate there has been a lot to get through and unfortunately I have not always kept up with the correspondence. Many thanks for your support. Natalie (Phoebe’s mother)

  26. Has the Inquest finished today ? Or is it still continuing ?

  27. Paula Sullivan says:

    Darling Natalie. I watched the news today and wanted to say l am thinking of you through you and your family’s tragic time. Beautiful Phoebe deserves what you have so bravely given her- a chance to he heard and the respect her precious life is entitled to. You are such a strong beautiful mother. The ache must be unbearable. I miss you and send you so much love and support. Paula Mary. xxxx

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dearest Paula, I am so slow in replying to this and I am really sorry. Thank you for your lovely message. Things have been very trying and I have found it difficult to keep up with everything. When all this is over, I would love to see you again. I think on the days we spent working together at Est with great fondness and hope that life with you and Benjamin is going well. Much love to you, Natalie

  28. Trevor Colvin says:

    It is a tribute to Natalie, Lorne and the rest of Phoebe’s family that an inquest will take place. It took an immense amount of effort, courage and conviction to bring it about and may it bring forward the truth. Phoebe deserves no less than that.

  29. Hugh Campbell says:

    Natalie and Lorne, I have been following the story in the media and it stinks. If there is anything I can do let me know.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Hugh, Thank you for contacting us. I am very slow to reply but am grateful for your support and interest in what has happened and your offer of help. It is nearly over now in terms of the inquest and we hope to have a finding early next year sometime. It has been harrowing to be sure but we had no choice but to pursue this to the end. To try to uncover what really happened. I hope you are well.

  30. Julie Scarmozzino says:

    I hope and pray that the whole truth about how your beautiful daughter died is uncovered and you have all the answers you need. This is such a terrible tragedy. The fact that you have to pay for an inquest is as ridiculous as coroner saying Phoebe committed suicide. I have lost a relative to suicide and another to murder so I fully understand your need to know the truth about how Phoebe died.I understand that it would be very hard for you and your family and friends to properly grieve until the truth is uncovered. God bless you and stay strong.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dear Julie, forgive me if I have already written to you, or if not, for my very slow response.(I have had trouble keeping up with everything) I just wanted to thank you for your kind message left on this website and to say how terribly sorry I am to hear of the tragedies that have occurred in your family too. Life is very hard sometimes! We have a couple more days of evidence to be heard in October and then we will have to await the Coroners decision. Thank you so much for your support. Best Wishes, Natalie

  31. Every Victorian should be shocked and alarmed to read the front-page story in today’s Age.
    And this occurred a year AFTER the thoroughly inadequate investigation into Phoebe’s death and the absurdly hasty conclusion that it was a suicide.

    • Karen Madzell says:

      We the Williamson families are still waiting for the Coroner to hand down her findings but I fear we will never know what happened to Freddy because of the failings of the 7 attending officers! My heart goes out to Phoebes family. I know how frustrating and terribly sad this is for everyone concerned. Push on and stay strong.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      I agree! What happened to Freddy Williamson and the subsequent botched investigation is an absolute disgrace! My heart goes out to that poor family and what they have been through. Thanks for writing.

  32. John Peterson says:

    Hello to Len,
    I do not know if you remember me from Deakin Hall student days. However, I just want to say we lost our son five years ago very unexpectedly, so have some empathy with what you are going through. It is truly a very negative life changing experience. You have the significant additional trauma of dealing with unknowns and a less than enthusiastic legal system.
    Our thoughts are with you and we hope that you achieve an outcome that you find acceptable. We appreciate only to well, that whatever the outcome, life will never be the same for your family.
    We sometimes see Chris Harris. If you feel you would like to share a glass and a chat, let me know. We are still in Geelong.
    All the best,
    John Peterson

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dear John, I am Natalie, (Phoebe’s mother) I am afraid with everything that has been going on, we have had difficulty keeping up with this site. I don’t think Len has ever visited it!I want to say how terribly sad I am to hear that you lost your son. I will let Len know that you have made contact.I am sure he would like to hear from you. He has been understandably devastated by what has happened to Phoebe. I hope you are okay thank you so much for your kindness and compassion. We share a great sadness.

  33. I happened upon the Sunday Night episode about Phoebe via Jess Hart’s twitter account and was devastated to learn of the death of a such a beautiful soul in such tragic circumstances. My heart goes out to her family who obviously loved her so much. I absolutely adore dogs and was touched to see the photos of “Yoshi” on this website, and assume Yoshi was the doggie with Phoebe in the final footage shown on the tv programme. This broke my heart as I know Yoshi must miss his Mama and it made me wonder what happened to Yoshi?

    Love and light to the Handsjuk family, and to Yoshi.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dear Lisa,

      Thank you for your post about Phoebe and Yoshi. Phoebe loved Yoshi and he was re homed about six months after her death. He now lives with another gentle lady who is taking good care of him. It was lovely of you to write. Kind regards,

  34. Since submitting my comment at 5.43 pm on 03 May 2013, I have now discovered a couple of media reports of what transpired at the Coroner’s Court Directions Hearing on 01 May. I don’t know how I missed them at the time, but somehow I did. Accordingly, there is now no need to publish or to respond to my submitted comment of 03 May. Yours in continuing support,

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Thank you John. We await the inquest and hope that the truth will come to the surface.

  35. I believe a Directions Hearing was held by the Coroner on the afternoon of Wednesday 01 May, in relation to the forthcoming Inquest that he has now decided to hold. There have been no reports in any media I have seen as to what occurred at that Directions Hearing, so I was wondering whether, (subject of course to any non-publication orders that may have been made), whether you are now able to inform your many interested readers just what transpired. Yours in support.

  36. Sue Malone says:

    Natalie, I am so, so, sorry, I can’t believe that I have only just realised the tragedy that has happened for you and your family. I was just listening (rather than watching) to the Today Tonight show when Helen Kapalos mentioned an upcoming feature and Phoebe’s story caught my attention. At first my ears pricked up at “Phoebe” as, even though I didn’t know Phoebe, it instantly reminded me of you and our car pooling nights out to Steiner School at Warrandyte. I was stunned and thought I had imagined it when she said Phoebe Handsjuk. I immediately came in and tried to repeat the show on the website to confirm, but it was too soon, so I did a search on Phoebe’s name and found your memorial to her. I have to say, looking at her gallery, and reading the comments, she was her mother’s daughter from what I knew, and, as I did not know Len, from hearing stories from you of your family life and then seeing the video interviews with Len, obviously a wonderful, and equally charismatic combination of the two of you.

    From what I have read and seen tonight, there is immensely compelling reason for Phoebe’s story to be investigated further and my thoughts and hopes are with you all the way. I am only sorry I had not been aware sooner. If there is anything I can do to support in any way, administrative, whatever, please let me know, – I have to say, Natalie, you are one of the people who have touched my life in a very positive and profound way, I really hope that you can all find the answer and justice for Phoebe, even though it can not bring her back – my thoughts and my love to you all, Sue

  37. James Delany says:

    I met Phoebe when I was 14 years-of-age. I still remember the first time I met her at a local cafe in Kew with a group of friends. The memory is still so vivid, like no other. The ora and beauty Phoebe had would light up a room. Sometimes I think this worked against her; she was so beautiful, and you could tell she didn’t want to be in the spotlight – she saw the greater things in life.

    Still in the younger years, we met regularly on Bridge Road for a cups of coffee or I’d go back to her house and sit in the cubby house or watch The Simpsons in the front room. We chatted about anything under the sun. I must also say, I was a huge fan of her Mother’s cooking and could never let one of those dinners go a stray! I remember on her 17th or 16th birthday (I cant remember the year), she had guests over to the house. Towards the end of the night we were lying out on the veranda with two stubby cans of VB and just looked at the stars. There was so much peach surrounding us. We lost contact again and rekindled in later years – nothing had ever changed.

    The warmth that surrounded Phoebe brought peace to many, she had a light in her that burned brightly – you never felt judged, you could always open your heart and speak whatever was on your mind. Phoebe was an old soul who had knowledge beyond her years. A true leader that inspired so many along the way, and wow, what a fighter. I used to confine in her with all my deepest worries and concerns and her advice was the only I advice that I’d ever take. You just knew she was always right. She gave me and others so much confidence and brought happiness to the lives of many.

    We stayed in contact throughout the years (mostly by me begging friends that knew her or met her for her new number!) – I think it was around 2008 when one of my close friends worked at a pub in Lorne and contacted me that one day to tell me that he met the most amazing girl he’d ever seen. He hardly gave a description, and I immediately asked if her name was Phoebe, and it certainly was – the alluring and mysterious Ms. Phoebe could never be mistaken!

    Although she was loved by so many, she could never be yours to keep, you could only have Phoebe for a moment and then she’d be gone, without a trace. With anyone else you would lose trust, but you knew with Phoebe that no matter what she was doing, she still thought of you the same way.

    My last conversation with Phoebe was in September before she passed away; we were planning to meet up and I still remember my last words to her; “Your messages always make me smile, you have always had such a kind heart, and your mumma too if she remembers me.” In someway I am glad that she knew just a little bit as to how much she meant to me, but I do believe in some way she did know just how much.

    When I heard about Phoebe’s passing, I could never let any answers go unanswered. Nothing made sense, I knew from my instincts in recent months before her death her depression was bad, but Phoebe was NEVER the type to give up. No matter how many pieces of information was found around her death – I just knew something wasn’t right from the bottom of my gut. For justice and for peace, I was so relieved that the inquest went through. My thoughts and prayers are with the Handsjuk’s every day.

    Phoebe, you will never be forgotten. I think about you everyday, and you continue to inspire me in any situation, I try my hardest to think what you’d do. You taught me so much, and I thank you. I wish you were here.


    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dearest James,
      What a beautiful tribute you have left to her. It is always lovely to hear stories about how others experienced Phoebe. As her mother there was much I didn’t know, but what is overwhelmingly obvious and what i certainly did know was how wise she was, and what a loyal friend she was. Thank you for sharing your feelings and for speaking out about the strength we all knew she had. No matter how hard things got for her. We too, know that she would NEVER have given up.


  38. I have only just encountered your story via the internet, I am sorry for your loss and greatly admire your strength in seeking the truth for your daughter.
    I am astounded that you have had to fight for an inquest! In no way do I wish to imply that the judicial system in the UK is superior but any sudden death not found to be natural by post mortem has an inquest, whether it be suicide, accident, or murder. I hope the inquest gives your family the answers they need in order to find peace.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Thank you Mick,

      We were astounded also. I would have thought that the circumstances of a death as unusual as this one would have automatically been the subject of a full Coronial Enquiry. We are relieved to have been granted it now. We hope that it will enable the truth of what happened that day come to the surface.

  39. Whilst I am delighted that an Inquest will now be held, I am still totally baffled at the inordinate length of time it has taken since Phoebe’s death to reach this point. What was happening between 02 December 2010 and now ? I simply cannot accept that for over 2 years none of our law-enforcement authorities considered that the circumstances of Phoebe’s death not only warranted much closer scrutiny, but absolutely necessitated it. Inquests are regularly held into deaths that are FAR less suspicious than this one, so precisely what happpened here ?

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dear John, Thank you for your ongoing support. We find it all very hard to believe too. We are relieved to finally have our request for an inquest granted and we hope that the truth will finally come to the surface so we can rest from all this and finally let Phoebe go in peace.

  40. carol duthie says:


  41. About time!! Australia is behind you and supporting you all the way. Good Luck and may you find closure at last.

  42. hans a van beuge says:

    Congratulations to you and your family for your untiring efforts in seeking justice for Phoebe. A Coronial Inquiry will hopefully be the first step in bringing the person or persons involved in this horrific murder to justice.

    I can’t adequately express my sorrow for the loss of Phoebe or my admiration of your persistence in your quest.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Thank you Hans, We really appreciate your support and hope that the inquest will help us in our quest for the truth of what happened

  43. I was delighted to read just a few moments ago that the Coroner has now decided that there WILL be a formal Inquest into this extraordinary matter. May the truth be unearthed !

  44. I (and I am quite sure many others) would greatly appreciate an answer to the question I asked in my posting on 19 March 2013. What is the current “state of play” in the preliminary proceedings presently before the Coroner ?
    That surely can’t be the subject of any suppression or confidentiality Order. And there is certainly no evidence of any such Order on the Coroner’s official website.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Dear John,
      We have requested a time extension for our response to submissions already forwarded to the Court. We are awaiting permission from the Court to allow us the extension. If granted, we will have it submitted by Thursday the 28th March. We then await the coroners decision.
      Thank you for your interest.

  45. I note from the Coroner’s Court website that the Coroner states he is currently awaiting “submissions” in reply before deciding whether to hold an inquest. From whom is he awaiting those submissions ? Hampel or the Handsjuks ? And what date is the “dead line” to which he is referring ?

  46. A tragic end, one would have to be inhumane to not be disturbed by it.

    When a tradgedy like this happens why is there usually a mix of some drug or similar intoxicating substance involved. If prescription drugs & alcohol weren’t found in her system it’d be a stronger case. Attempting to contact self help lines before the tragedy affirms there was forewarning of a particular problem, be it with herself or involving a third party.

    Pictures of the couple, strangely scarce.

    Deepest sympathies to the family.

    • Karien Vandekerkhove says:

      Very accurate & noteworthy observation, PI ! I
      On an earlier Facebook page ‘IN LOVING MEMORY OF PHOEBE HANDSJUK’, all previous pictures of them together ( all at the sudden ) have been removed . . .
      Why ?

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Thank you PI, we appreciate your support.

  47. Whats the update on this? Is there going to be an inquest?

    • It is still unclear as to whether or not an inquest will be held. We will let you know when a decision has been reached. Thank you for your query and support.

    • Natalie Handsjuk says:

      Hi Kate, Yes, we have an update. See Home page and thank you for your ongoing support

  48. It is impossible to think of any case that more cries out for the holding of an inquest. How the Coroner can possibly be entertaining any doubt about the need for one is utterly beyond me. And what person who did NOT have something significant to hide would want to be seen by all to be engaging high-level legal representation to actively OPPOSE an inquest and also to be wanting to supress the screening of ALL currently available evidence ? This case currently has the strong appearance of strings being pulled to CONCEAL the truth rather than facilitate its emergence. An inquest MUST be held.

  49. My belief is that it was a set plan to kill Phoebe Handsjuk and that she was killed prior to being placed in the Shute.

    My belief is that NO like those who tried, a live and even a flexible person of her size and built could not remover themselves into or down the Shute, I believe either she was just placed there on the floor, or many of her injuries caused by the fall may have been done prior to being put down the Shute.

    If her body was dislocated broken in certain areas prior to her fall, this would make it easy to manipulate her body into abnormal positions, enabling her body to easily go into and down the Shute, I would be looking at where the broken or dislocations bones were found on her body and if certain injuries were done prior could this be the reason someone was able to easy move her body into fitting.

    I pray for her family that they find answers and justice is served.

    That they feel that Phoebe’s at peace now and her loving spirit lives on under the loving hands of Jesus.

  50. I am a European citizen with a base in Belgium and learned about Phoebe’s story through the internet. As so many, we are not only dreadfully shocked about the brutal end of this young life but also about the cold tempo in which this case has been classified as a suicide while so many obvious signs, too serious to be ignored, raise doubt.
    A new investigation into the events that gave rise to Phoebe’s death should at least be reconsidered, we urgely like to suggest.

    If something equally would happen around here, we gather together and walk collectively through the streets of Brussels in order to express our hearts and questions. Come on Melbournians, make a ‘white parade’ and change St Kilda road into a Boulevard of Justice; The Shrine of Remembrance will truly shine ‘a little more a lot’ that day!

  51. What clothes was Antony wearing when he got home from work (CCTV will show this either in the garage or front entrance) or left his own work and was he wearing the same clothing when homicide rocked up?
    If he carried her body her blood would’ve been on his clothes somewhere.
    If he had somethin to hide he would’ve destroyed clothes or change and washed them. Be interesting to see the footage of his police interview and the CCTV of his arrival home

  52. This is absurd. An inquest is a must. No excuses. If 1 is not given, I suggest Phoebe’s family should gather as many people as possible (you’d be overwhelmed at the amount of people that would support you) and march/protest wherever need be through the streets of Melbourne. I repeat, there are no excuses for not granting an inquest into this.

  53. We understand, we all wish you good luck.

  54. I’m sorry to say but this was murder. They claim she was drunk, who would think of a garbage Shute when their drunk.

  55. Cheryl MP says:

    Firstly my heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young woman. Phoebe was someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s niece/cousin and also someone’s friend. I won’t reiterate what has already been said here and elsewhere, but I hope the knowledge that a nation is behind the courageous parents in seeing that justice is done, will GIVE PHOEBE A VOICE.

  56. This case is embarrassing for the Victorian Police, the Coroners Court and the Victorian Dept of Justice. When will government bureaucracies account for its actions? Some have been under suspicion for some time.

    Victoria’s Police have escaped Commissions of Inquiry since early last century. Qld, NSW, WA and SA have experienced theirs and look what was revealed.

    When such poor decisions are made by individuals holding responsible positions of high public office it is time for change.

    A commission of inquiry into the public service of Victoria is way overdue. Previous politicians have called for them in opposition only to go shy on the idea in office.

    “The Bracks Government’s opposition to a royal commission into police corruption has been shaken by the emergence of a letter calling for such an inquiry written by former Labor leader John Brumby.

    Mr Brumby, now Treasurer, pledged Labor’s support for a royal commission into police corruption in a 1997 letter to Australian Civil Liberties Union secretary Geoff Muirden.” [1]

    “Victorian Premier John Brumby does not consider allegations of police corruption in the bashing death of Carl Williams extraordinary enough to justify the expense of a royal commission.” [2]

    I hope your Coroner acts responsibly and conducts an open inquiry. Not just for Phoebe but also for the sake of public trust and confidence in good governance.

    [1] Age article of 2004
    [2] World News article 2010

  57. Caroline Collins says:

    I actually never watch Sunday Night and also never write on Blogs! but think there are SO many unanswered questions that this case needs to be re-opened for a full investigation.
    I think the boyfriend is completely guilty, and with the help of his parents (people in high places in the legal system) are trying to get this forgotten about, and I’m sure they have ways to have evidence removed or conviently lost.. I think censoring the CCTV footage by his parents is very sus, surely you would want the help from the public to work this out and find the missing pieces of the puzzle. I’m sure if this happened to their son, they would be jumping hoops to get the investigation opened for answers (and would be successful in doing do). This censored footage obviously has their son walking in before this happened or else they would not have been concerned.
    I think if you are the concerned boyfriend, you would be working with the police to work out what exactly happened for closure for the family and for yourself. Has he been going to grief councelling? I’m sure he hasn’t.
    I have a few things that concern me. The confusion on his behalf of knowing which day he had the phone repaired, and why is the phone still missing. Also its funny how Antony called her father a minute after he called her phone?? I bet he had that phone in his hand when it rang then thought he should call him to tell him that he was concerned. I think if you had walked into your apartment with blood everywhere you would be calling the police or trying to call her, not her father to say that he was concerned.
    Can he recall where the phone repairers were? If so, they may have CCTV footage of him going into the repairers, or in their books of such a transaction.
    Also having such a high alcohol reading with drugs in her, how on earth would she be able to get into that chute.
    Also not leaving a suicide note, but a strange text seems like an unusual way to go when her intention was to break up with him.
    Also I don’t like the sound of his OCD behaviour. How everything had to be a certain way. Usually people like that don’t like change, and with a break up on the cards would change everyday routine and would cause confusion and frustration.
    I think this should definitely be re-opened to get the answers needed, and if need be, get Antony behind bars.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Phoebes family and hope they get the closure they deserve.

      “I think if you had walked into your apartment with blood everywhere you would be calling the police or trying to call her, not her father to say that he was concerned”
      “Also I don’t like the sound of his OCD behaviour. How everything had to be a certain way. Usually people like that don’t like change, and with a break up on the cards would change everyday routine and would cause confusion and frustration”

    • @Caroline Collins. Did you not read directions for posting comments?? I quote from above ….. “While we greatly appreciate everyone’s comments and support, we request that if you wish to leave a comment, you do not make any reference (directly or indirectly) to any Judicial Official or potential suspect in the matter, as it may affect criminal proceedings down the track.” ….

      • Caroline Collins says:

        I do appoligise, I got quite worked up when writing. I can’t modify my comment. Please just remove my comment as I think you can, but not me.

  58. Kevin Gleeson says:

    I had not heard about this case previously, as I do not live in Victoria. I watched the show on Channel 7 on Sunday night, and I feel there are too many unanswered questions.What I find hard to believe is that Phoebe could get into the rubbish disposal intake with out any assistance I also think that the case was closed with out thorough investigation, and resulting in a decision, that Phoebe had committed suicide.. It looked like the case was rushed to conclusion without a real thorough investigation… The Case needs to be open to further investigation as in the past there is evidence that other badly handled cases, had resulted in the wrong conclusion.
    It is a tragic case, my heart goes out to her grieving parents, who are left in this state of uncertainty., which prevents them from reaching a closure. I can only hope this case is reopened for further investigation.I express my sympathy for Phoebe’s parents.God bless them and help them.


  59. WOW… it never ceases to amaze me how incompetent the police can be sometimes! There was NO WAY this should not have been considered a homicide even without the uncle’s own efforts to disprove how Phoebe could have climbed in feet first into the chute. What an absolute disgusting injustice! After watching Sunday Night, I had many questions…

    1. Is there CCTV footage or an invoice or interview statement from the place where Phoebe’s phone was taken for repair?
    2. I assume there must also be CCTV footage showing exactly when Antony Hampel entered the building to prove his statement.
    3. Why would Antony Hampel & his lawyer believe there was no need for a full inquest? If I were the distraught boyfriend, I would want answers to get closure. His actions stink of guilt, not to mention why the CCTV footage was fought so hard to prevent disclosure.

    I am cynical too… with Antony Hampel’s parents holding the positions they do and with the influences they have, I wouldn’t be surprised if some evidence goes missing. It’s not as if that has never happened before. I have watched many similar cases go to trial and unfortunately there seems to be one form of justice for the rich, famous and influential… and another justice for the common man.

    This case sounds so eerily similar to the murder of Caroline Byrne where boyfriend Gordon Wood was charged but (unfortunately) eventually released. He tried to suggest suicide. I still don’t believe he didn’t do it. What a tragic injustice.

    I will be praying for you and your family, that you get the justice you and Phoebe so rightly deserve. What a beautiful girl you had and what a shameful waste of life taken away from her by someone who deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

    Keep fighting until you get justice. xx

  60. Legally trained says:

    I agree that there would appear to be compelling questions which would warrant an inquest.

    I just want to point out to the moderators of this page that some of these comments may prejudice any future criminal proceedings.

    • Penelope says:

      Why would any of the comments made here prejudice any future criminal proceedings?

      You forget, we live in Australia; the land of the home grown idiot; so rounding up twelve people who know shit about anything is relatively easy task – just ask Lindy Chamberlain. All the good people are doing here by their speculations is realising a known risk, which the boyfriend presumably with the benefit of sound legal advice has seen not to consider in the hope none of any it will matter in the advent his application succeeds. That’s now his problem.

      It is common knowledge the vast majority of murders are committed by a person or persons known or in close association to the victim. This fact alone makes the boyfriend a prime suspect in this case regardless of anything else, and therefore, naturally subject to the most intense speculation in the normal course of events. The boyfriend has exercised his legal rights in his attempts to thwart the convening of a coronial inquest, which, in and of itself is a legal maneuver fraught with inherent risk as the potential for the matter being brought before the attention of the public, and, in the most unflattering light, was always of a high probability.

      Notwithstanding the ease in which to find twelve morons who know shit about anything within the Australian community, by his own actions he has not only potentially contaminated his own jury pool, he has denied himself the opportunity to quash any lingering doubts in the minds of people – originally only people close to Phoebe but now all the people of Australia – surrounding the unusual circumstances of her death. Both these are two crucial considerations the boyfriend cannot pretend he was unaware of prior to commencing his current actions. What’s more, his own legal counsel would have advised him of as much beforehand – or should have done.

      All of which would be suppressed at trial if he were charged with Phoebe’s murder, anyway, on the grounds his current actions could be construed as being incriminating, or, in the least inconsistent with societal norms, for the obvious reasons a better person could have been expected to simply have been supportive of Phoebe’s parent’s requests for a more thorough investigation into the death of their daughter, which is all they are seeking.

      It truly is a ludicrous proposition to suggest a few people commenting on a website in response to a television program that aired in prime time on a Sunday night on a national network television station which tens of tens of thousands of people watched, if not more, may prejudice future criminal proceedings when there is no guarantee criminal proceedings would eventuate even if a coronial inquest were held.

  61. At the boyfriends work phone or mobile phone check to see if he had called her that afternoon?
    Someone at his work would have noticed when he left work and CCTV footage when he got home.
    He is guilty of something and he will be found out.
    His parents are helping him cover up something………or else they would demand an inquest too and show the rest of that CCTV Footage so that the general public can watch and possible help idientify someone.

    My heart goes out to the family….

  62. In the footage of her coming back into the building after the fire alarm, it looks like she is looking or texing into her phone?

    Didn’t the boyfriend have the phone or the repair place?

    When she called her psychologist and then the hospital and then a local medical centre, did she use her mobile? I am sure you could look up phone records….
    Also these calls, was that actually her calling?

    Why would Phoebe organise a dinner with her father that night (Whom she loved and adored) and then decide to comment suidice?
    When did her boyfriend actually come home?
    Where was the her dog?
    Where are all the CCTV footage? Something is missing for sure!

    My heart goes out to the family. Fight to the end for justice!!!! Never, never give up.

  63. The family should NOT have to fight for an inquest ‘Absolutely appalling’. The tax paying citizens of Australia are fighting with you and you should not give up. Criminals have more rights these days and that is disgusting….

    It looks like Pheobe was scared of her boyfriend and wanted to break up with him finally and by the sounds of things he was a control freak and he could not control her anymore so he SNAPPED, killed her and covered it up by putting her in the garbage chute.
    But she was not dead, just unconscious.
    By him walking away quickly whilst the Sunday Night reporter asked questions and not wanting an inquest…Ummmmmm GUILTY. Just have to now find evidence to link him to the murder.
    I think the evidence will be on her..

  64. A beautiful soul.. I’m honored and grateful for the times shared. A profound tragedy. I truly hope the mystery is unraveled, justice is done and the family can find some closure. Rest in peace Phoebe xx

  65. If the boyfriend was SOOO concerned about Phoebe’s death than he would DEMAND answers too!!! Obviously he is hiding something.
    Someone needs to follow his MOVEMENTS for that whole week and they need to find that phone. The phone was damaged because it was crudical evidence!!! The boyfriend had the phone and distroyed it…..
    This case has been COVERED UP and who ever has helped with this COVER up should also be on trial.

  66. If the boyfriend was SOOO concerned about Phoebe’s than we would DEMAND answers too!!! Obviously he is hiding something.
    Someone needs to follow his MOVEMENTS for that whole week and they need to find that phone. The phone was damaged because it was crudical evidence!!! The boyfriend had the phone and distroyed it…..
    This case has been COVERED UP and who ever has helped with this COVER up should also be on trial.

  67. The story said the boyfriend arrived home. Her father called and left a message about a dinner she had organised that night-it went to message bank. The boyfriend called the dad back to say he did not know where she was and he was worried. The boyfriend then called Golden Ingott restaurant for takeaway. 7 mins later the concierge finds her in the rubbish room. 1 hour later the boyfriend calls her father to tell him she is dead. Did the boyfriend collect the take away? Surely if you just found out your girlfriend is dead you would not even think about dinner. Also, the “broken” mobile phone… Boyfriend claims he dropped it in to be repaired. Surely a business man like him would be way to busy to run errands for his girlfriend -I’m sure if the phone needed repairing, she would be capable or sorting it out..

    Food for thought!


    “A lawyer representing Phoebe’s mother in the coronial process, James Isles, received an anonymous letter on January 6 in which the writer referred to hearing a “bloodcurdling scream by a female” coming from a lane close to the Balencea building on the day Phoebe died.

    “Then I was even more disturbed when I learnt that a lot of blood was found on the garage door … in Queens Lane,” the letter states.”


    This article has made me think that perhaps Phoebe was murdered elsewhere and her body was moved and placed in the compactor room; so it was made to look like she had fallen down the chute?

    Also I wonder where her dog was during all this commotion? Surely someone must know??? Animal’s are very protective…

    • I had also read this article online and wonder what has come of this information.. I really hope this person comes forward formally with their information. Such a beautiful soul, with such a tragic end… I hope the truth comes out.

  69. Come on australia…we have to stand up and be heard for phoebe and her grieving family…and a full inquest is deserved. Not exposing footage last night shows someone has something to hide…..I just wonder if whoever is responsible knows about karma???

  70. There are too many questions, there needs to be an inquest.

  71. If she infact committed suicide, then she would have had to open the garbage chute door with her hands and then there would have been her fingerprints all over it, possibly (bloody fingerprints) all over it from the appartment. RIGHT?
    If her fingerprints were not on the chute – Then, it was not a suicide, she was forced feet first down the chute whilst she was unconscious or even all ready dead.

  72. The coroner needs to say YES! He needs to think about if it was one of his own kids or grand children he was do the same….

  73. I watched Sunday Night Seven last night and the boyfriend either did it or knows more than he is saying. You do not have to be an investigator or police officer to figure that one out!!! He looks guilty of something and justice needs to be served!
    Isn’t there any CCTV cameras near the garbage chute or showing her/him going towards the garbage chute on the evening? And if so, where is it?

    Someone is hiding something and I believe it is the boyfriend.

  74. Story last night on “Sunday Night” speaks for itself…inquest is the least that any one whose death is suspicious deserves, especially after a questionable investigation.

  75. Chantelle Taka-Galvan says:

    Phoebe was such a beautiful young women, this story bought me to tears.

    I truly hope that soon all your questions will be answered that that Phoebe can finally rest in peace.

    My heart, love and prayers go out to Phoebe and your family.

  76. * The combination of Stilnox and alcohol would have made it very unlikely for Phoebe to have the cognitive ability to go to the compact room and place herself in the chute.
    * Why was Phoebe so depressed? It seemed to me that her personality changed soon after meeting the boyfriend…
    * Why is her boyfriend being so evasive? Surely if he cared about Phoebe he would want justice for her family’s sake and closure for this very sad event.
    * His parents are judges but that is really irrelevant to the case – justice must be done and seen to be done. They must want to clear their son’s name of any suspicion.
    * The Coroner must open an inquest as surely he must entertain the possibility of murder
    * Why has no one heard about this until now?

  77. I watched this edition last night and cannot get dear Phoebe out of my mind and the injustice of this case.
    The appearance of this case and lack of investigation is simply dodgy. Are we living in Australia the land of the free these days or places common to corruption like Africa?, so disappointing!. I cannot begin to express the sorrow l feel for you family. It is my utmost prayer that justice be done and that you may all have some peace with this!.

  78. To the Handsjuk Family,
    I watched the Sunday Night Show last night. I hope that you can find justice for Phoebe. It seems to me that if you have friends in high places, you can get away with almost anything. How do people sleep at night when they take another persons life. Everyone who watched the show can see that it was not suicide. May peace be with you and your family.

  79. It is highly doubtful, that this is the first incident involving him, that his parents’ judicial influence has been used.

  80. I think it’s appalling that you have to beg for a Coroners Investigation! Let’s see if the Coroner Peter White stands up to the Hampel family and God knows who else is trying to hide the truth. Shame, shame, shame Hampel family… What a terrible event, you should have answers and you shouldn’t have to fight so hard for justice. Appalling

  81. Myself and my family have just watched the documentary on ‘Sunday Night’ regarding Phoebe’s tragic death.

    We are all deeply saddened by the lack of empathy & justice given, in this matter and discusted that an inquest has not been forthcoming.
    An inquest into the death of Phoebe should, without question, be manditory!
    Given Phoebe’s relationship circumstances and the uncertantly of the ‘actual events’ it is in-humane, diplorable and extremely suspicious as to why the situation hasnt been dealth with in a more ‘logical’ and ‘legitimate’ manner.
    In this day and age & democratic western society, forrensic testing & technology, should be able to ascertain the exact cause of Phoebe’s death.
    Surely with a strong showing of public support, a fair and equitable result can be demanded.
    Justice needs to be served for Phoebe’s family to have somewhat closure of her death.
    I hope, in the near future & support, that an inquest into Phoebe’s death, can be necessitated.
    Monieka – WA (22)

  82. I pray that the coroner says Yes to an inquest and you find the answers you are seeking. There are such anomalies in this story it beggars belief. How the homicide squad could call it suicide after only 5 days is beyond me. The pain you are feeling must be unbearable and I have no words that will heal such sorrow but I leave you with this quote – “Three things cannot be long hidden – the sun, the moon and the truth” ~ Buddha. Best of luck. You are in my thoughts.

  83. Watching tonight’s episode of Sunday Night, was the first time I had heard anything about this case, which to me is very surprising. It is cases like this, that have such mysterious events that are normally splashed all over the media. It is very clear that there has been a police cover up in this case, for whatever reason that might be, we obviously will not find out. That is unless an inquest is granted. I find it extremely troubling that footage from the day Phoebe was killed, is being censored. There would be no reason for this unless the footage showed something important, something certain people do not want made public knowledge. Recent events have shown us how important video footage can be in uncovering the truth, in receiving justice. The Australian people should appalled that important information about this case, is being kept in the dark. Phoebe could be any one of our children and every parent in such an awful situation deserves the right to know what really happened to their child. Phoebe, deserves justice!

  84. Michael Todd says:

    So glad this is coming to the public attention. A shame that her boy friend wasn’t so determined to understand truth!

  85. Katie Perry says:

    Watched Sunday Night with my family and can’t not believe that a beautiful person lost their life in such a way. I can not believe that the Victorian police closed the case and their option was suicude. How can they rule out murder? Where was the security footage on the floors to the rubbish shoot? Any security cameras in such a prestious apartment? Were there swipe keys / cards to go to different floors in the building? Witnesses interviewed who heard a possible disturbance? I feel so much pain for her family and friends. Such a sad story. Thoughts are with you all xx

  86. Claire Butler says:

    Surely the VIC coroner will investigate this – how can police alone decide cause of death? This in itself is not natural justice. Is this not why we have a coronial system in place, to decide cause of death, in unnatural cases? At the very least the family deserves an inquest – to find answers. The Coroners Act is there to investigate deaths like this – to get some answers and for the family and decide if suspicious. How can such a power of judgement be given to Vic police as reported in the Sunday night show? Unnatural deaths should be reported to a coroner for decision on cause of death. Police are merely the officers in the field for the coroner, reporting the facts – it is up to the coroner to decide the rest. Hoping for an inquest so that family can get closure…

  87. Even prior to this being aired I felt compelled to google about this story just seeing the adds during the week, I’m mortified at the whole thing at such a beautiful life being cut short suddenly is undoubtedly tragic having lost my brother when he was 19 I know the pain an suffering her family feel and wish that there was someway I could help to save them the hurt. What shocks me even more is the fact that even though they had a difficult relationship her and her partner at some point loved one another and obviously found it hard to split ties so why and how is it so easy for him to walk away so easy and concise with not a doubt in his mind that the love of his life his partner his companion confidant lover and best friend def killed herself down a rubbish shoot and what an obviously easy task that must have been NOT!! Omg, did he even cry! The whole case was obviously covered up by mummy and daddy because how embarrassing it would have been that two people in such positions of power could have such a rogue in there camp, the ambulance officer not being allowed to see her was that so the truth couldn’t have been told in her final moments if she was still fighting for her life!! None of this is rocket science what it is though is disgusting that someone could have such disregard for human life the life of a beautiful girl just trying to find her way in let’s face it the best and worst most confusing years of our life, when love good or bad seems so much more important then anything in the universe, Phoebe your in the arms of the angels now beautiful girl may you find some comfort there.

  88. I’ve just watched the story of Phoebe & l find it disgusting that she was robbed of a full & proper investigation. I hope the truth is soon found & the lowlife person responsible is held totally accountable. No family should have to fight so hard through their grief to be heard & get the truth.

  89. I was so gob smacked at this story and it is so obvious that its suspicious death and definitely not a sucide. I trust that there will be an investigation into this sad death of such a beautiful girl and it is easy to see who wants it to be shut down. If her boyfriend had nothing to hide he would be willing to do anything to help clear her name. Also obvious are links to the Justice system in Melbourne. I wish there was something I could do to help.

  90. Has some body compared the text message writing with that off her so called boyfriend.Plus why wasnt blood found on the outside off the shoot.She would have had to open it.Was it fingerprinted Or was it not..QUESTIONS SHOULD BE ANSWERED REMEMBER THE POLICE WORK FOR US WE DONT WORK FOR THEM..

  91. if you had killed someone on the 12th floor, how do you get that body out of the building without being seen
    its easier to believe that someone pushed her down the chute, than she climbed in herself
    its even “logical” to assume that someone could sneak her body from the apartment to the chute without being seen

    it is not logical or reasonable that (a) she killed herself in this manner, (b) that an innocent boyfriend would block all attempts by the family to get clarity and closure

    this whole case stinks … and it would be a grave injustice if it were not investigated

    • It will never be investigated because that pissant is well connected to the judiciary thru his family. Wake up Australia, we don’t live in a society were influence and connections cannot get you everything, even covering up a murder because your family sits on the judiciary. We should stop living in a fouls paradise and lecture other countries on their corruption.

  92. This evening my family and I have watched your story regarding the senseless and tragic death of this young life. As tax paying citizens we are disgusted that this death has not been treated in the correct manner. If this was my daughter, I would EXPECT that justice be investigated and SERVED. From our point of view, it feels like this matter has been covered up to protect the guilty because of background or possible links to the justice system. The fact that evidence has been suppressed for some unknown reason is excuse enough that something has been covered up. We as a nation should stand and support your family and DEMAND that this matter be investigated. We sincerely thank you for brining this issue to our attention and you have our support. Kind Regards, Jon (33), Mel (33), Kerry (59), Gary (61), Laura (31), Michael (30) Grace (9)& Briana (2). JUSTICE needs to be served and Phoebe needs many voices.